Judge Leif Clark provides dispute resolution, expert witness, and consulting services around a wide range of issues and brings decades of experience to bear.

He has worked with government agencies, private companies, and individuals across a variety of industries, including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and has testified as an expert on bankruptcy and insolvency matters in both state and federal courts. His deep familiarity with the bankruptcy process, born of over 35 years of experience, makes him an excellent candidate for chapter 11 plan administrator or chapter 11 examiner.

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Judge Clark has long experience as both a jurist accustomed to ruling with decisiveness and integrity and as a mediator whose experience stretches back for over 20 years.


Judge Clark is available for private commercial and international arbitrations, both as a solo arbiter and as a panel member. His experience as a trial judge translates into decisive and accurate decision making, supported by an adherence to the rule of law throughout the arbitral process. He is committed to impartial case management and to prompt rendering of decisions that are grounded in sound legal principle. He is also committed to conducting the arbitration process in a cost-effective manner.


Judge Clark has mediated commercial disputes all over the nation, often involving multiple parties and complex legal and economic issues across a wide variety of industries. The range of disputes includes not only insolvency matters, but also contractual disputes, malpractice litigation, insurance coverage claims, and intellectual property disputes, securities litigation and complex financial transactions. He enjoys an excellent reputation as a “closer.” Successful mediation calls for a combination of knowledge of the law, an ability to manage conflict, and great patience and persistence. Judge Clark has all of these characteristics and has demonstrated them in practice on many occasions, often in matters involving multiple constituencies. As a former judge, he also brings to the mediation process the unique perspective of a judicial officer.

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Judge Clark also offers mediation services in international insolvency matters, drawing on his long experience in the development of cross-border insolvency tools and regimes. For more on Judge Clark’s international alternative dispute resolution services, visit www.cbinsolvency.com.

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Insolvency Consulting

Judge Clark held a justly-earned reputation for intellectual rigor and strong legal analysis on the bench. He is also intimately familiar with the bankruptcy process, which to many can seem arcane. He now brings his knowledge and experience to bear as a consultant and expert for private parties. He has testified as an expert witness on bankruptcy related matters and legal fees before state courts and before the Public Utilities Commission of Texas. He has also offered consulting expertise in a non-testimonial capacity on a range of matters, in both state and federal contexts, advising counsel and on occasion providing declarations in support of pleadings in state and federal courts, a well as in foreign jurisdictions. He also offers strategic guidance to entities that may be interested in investing in or acquiring assets from bankruptcy estates.

International Consultation

A variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations often seek out expert input from those knowledgeable in the insolvency field and who also understand international ramifications. Judge Clark’s continuing work in the international arena in both legal development and training makes him well suited to furnish consultation services, including in-country training, evaluation, and law reform. He continues to provide technical assistance to countries, in cooperation with international financial institutions. In addition, private enterprises can benefit from his insight and experience. Through his association with CB Insolvency LLC, Judge Clark offers expert consultation and expert opinion services to private entities with international insolvency issues. To learn more, please visit www.cbinsolvency.com.

Chapter 11 Plan Trustee & Administration
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Judge Clark’s long experience on the bench gave him deep familiarity with chapter 11 and post-chapter 11 administration, as well as a strong reputation for integrity and good judgment. He is uniquely well-suited to serve as a court-appointed examiner, or as a post-confirmation plan trustee or administrator. Thanks to his association with The Claro Group as a senior consultant, he has the resources available to him to act as an examiner or plan administrator. These are positions that require a combination of judgment, integrity, decisiveness, and knowledge of the law, but often require access to support resources. The Claro Group has unparalleled credentials in bankruptcy and restructuring matters, with substantial expertise across multiple industries and disciplines. They have worked on some of the largest and most complex cases in the country. To learn more, please visit www.theclarogroup.com.